The Marredpally Weekly 1

JCH: Co-owners/Board members/Star players of Pink Pansies United FC, Kennneth Mario Lobo and Dhruv “Dookie” Tandan were involved in a row regarding name rights of their football club. While Mr. Tandan insisted the original name was his preferred choice, Mr. “Dimwit” Lobo has proposed a change to “The White Doves of Peace FC”. After many insults directed at each other and their families, and many shouts of “Let’s take this outside !! “, “That’s a shitty name !!”, the two parties have come to a standstill with neither budging from their stands. At this point, it is evident that both Mr. Tandan and Mr. Lobo are missing the decision-making prowess of the third co-owner/board member/star player Mr. Joy “Happy” Rao , who has abandoned his hometown football club in search of greener pastures and better team-mates. Mr. Rao was last seen entering his new four-bedroom apartment with two young girls in very suggestive attire.

Apollo: After last week’s matches against PPUFC, Apollo FC have expressed an interest in PPUFC star goalkeeper Shravan “Homie” Reddy and bulky defender J “Fatty” Vasudev. Apollo FC have started talks with members of PPUFC and are ready to pay a Rs. 2 million transfer fee for both players. However, representatives of PPUFC have insisted their defensive duo are not for sale because it would leave them very weak at the back for the oncoming arduous season. Mr. Vasudev was last seen trying to tye his long hair into a ponytail.

Padmaja Plaza: Fringe-players Rohit “Sprain” Bandaru, Nishant “Diamond-Point” Bandaru as well as B “Mustaine” Ancoosch have been asked to train hard if they want to have any chance of breaking into the first team at PPUFC. The brothers, out of touch for about a year, have unquestionable talent but have to prove that their best is not behind them. The younger Bandaru was last seen spraying Iodex on his sore shins. Meanwhile Mr. Ancoosch is seen as a bright prospect for the seasons to come but has to convince PPUFC that his main priority is not drumming away to glory.

Mahendra Hills: Promising air rock-band “AIR” have begun the recording of their first album, tentatively titled “WIND”. The band was heard jamming at the the residence of owner/founder/air-bassist Dhruv “AIR-man” Tandan, who is the man behind other such air bands as “THE BREEZE” and “STRATOSPHERE” , which however failed to take-off. The current line-up includes Nishant “Wh-AIR the hell” Bandaru on air-drums and J “AIR-Brain” Vaseudev on air-lead guitar. However, the band were without a vocalist after the departure of Joydeep “Main-man” Rao who left his hometown band in search of a better air-band. The band are yet to recover from his loss because of the shortage of air-vocalists in the city. Meanwhile Kenneth Mario Lobo, Rohit Bandaru, Ancoosch and Nihar Bandaru are looking desperately for employers after they were found ineligible to be members of “AIR” on account of their prodigious musical talent.

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One Response to The Marredpally Weekly 1

  1. Vignesh says:

    I know I’m a little late but this is some funny shit baap Bandaru.Keep up the good work.I loved the FAT VASu Taking Sambar to court!!!

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