The Marredpally Weekly 6


Now printed in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore and Goa

These stories are purely fictional and any story bearing resemblance

to any individual is strictly co-incidental.  NOT!


This is the story of a poor bewildered Christian who was caught in the fight between Hindus and Muslims. On contacting “the person” he told us that it was indeed a very sad situation. Obviously it would have been. For Example in the movie Alien vs. Predator what would both alien and predator do if they saw a human! … Get the point?   Of course it’s a different story that Jesus came and converted all the arms and ammunition etc. into bread when his followers were attacked.


In a recent development due to efforts of the editor of this weekly the theory of “continuous passing of kenny’s walking stick to other players” was propounded. It is also known as the Injury Theory.

According to the theory “when one player is on the road to recovery there should be another player on the road to injury, preferably a ligament tear.”

Assumptions of the theory

1 There should be a Dhruv Tandan.

2 The player on the road to injury should either be inspired by the EPL or is

Mental or be a Kenny.

3 The injured player should be out of action for at least 3 months following

which the player can either choose a further extension of the said injury

by playing again or opt out for a while.


In a grand event held on one of those days the players of the erstwhile OSFC which has now been merged with APOLLO F.C were given distinct names.

VASU – Bullsu a.k.a Big Bull

KENNY – Christian a.k.a Foreigner, invader, I have to many nicknames to mention

JOY – Little Joy a.k.a Angry

DHRUV – Jyothi a.k.a Robbie “Fowler”


Apparently the chicken and the egg were at it and finally the chicken rolled over all satisfied. The egg said “I think this finally answers the big question about which came first … the egg or the chicken” … Sorry it was a Kenny!

OK I know it sucked but I was asked to study and of course studying sucks so I did this. Everybody please don’t take any offence. Jest joking ma.


Please check the attachment for this.


JoY to da World

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