the Marredpally Weekly 8

Reviews for previous editions of The Marredpally Weekly:

“Dull, cliched and uninspiring” – Times of India

“As entertaining as Joy and Vishal in the same room… on a bad day” – Rahul Bandaru


Scion of Bandaru Empire ousted from company

Padmaja Plaza: In a move that has left the business world reeling, Mr. Bandaru Sr. (President, CEO, and Overlord of Bandaru Industries) dismissed his son Rohit “I Quit Smoking” Bandaru (next President, CEO and Overlord) from the company. Bandaru Sr. was reportedly unhappy with his son’s behaviour and performance, such as his failure to show up at work with amazing regularity, his botching up of the company’s sales exhibitions and his general inability to do anything right. Rumor has it that he was even unhappy with the company his son was keeping (we have reason to believe he was referring to Vishal and Joy) as well as his son’s tendency to associate with (very) young girls.
This is not the first time a major shake-up has hit Bandaru Industries, a couple of years ago, Rahul “I Play Chairball” Bandaru was similarly dismissed for being (surprise, surprise) even more inept than his younger brother. When asked to comment, all a close friend from Delhi could say was “Lolz”.

KFC to acquire ATC in multi-million dollar deal; new store to be branded “Fried Chicken Around the Corner from Kentucky” or FCACK

Jubilee Hills: Joy Rao, dashing young entrepreneur and visionary founder of ATC, was laughing all the way to the bank as F&B giant KFC tabled a $100 mn takeover bid for the fast-food joint. In its 5 months of existence, ATC has managed to build quite a reputation for itself purely by word-of-Joy&co-mouth, and counts among its customers the whos-who of Hyderabad, including D. Fundan, Jignesh, and Andha Snoop Daag (*names changed to protect privacy). When asked about his own future, Mr. Rao suggested a switch to the high-glamour world of Telugu Cinema, a move that has been on the cards for many years. However, sources close to the man say he is likely to buy out his current employer D.E. Shaw and turn the premises into a sports-bar-cum-stripclub, something that would put his name down in Pally folklore. Just after the announcement was made, Joy was quoted as saying: “At least I don’t have to pretend to smile and be nice to people just because they’re customers at my store.”

To follow in next edition (if I’m in the mood)
Pally boy caught in Italian Human Trafficking Web
Obama says economy improving, one man from Penn State disagrees
Customer sues HP for $1bn after being verbally abused by tech support staff member
Ousted Bandaru member to take over at helm of Ramser Cafe Inc. Looking to expand to 100 outlets

Aaaa Shaddap

p.s. vishal you were mean to me that day on the phone, hence there’s no story on you
nishu, you didnt reply to my question on this thread (refer 20-30 posts back), hence no story on you

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    • RB says:

      rey rey…how is it plagiarizing if i left YOUR name unchanged at the end? :I
      I’m telling you, delhi’s ruining you baap. Come off

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