Weekly 2 reply by Mr. Rohit Bandaru

Whomsoever it may concern

Dear sir,
With all due respect, myself, Rohit bandaru, Part owner of Bandaru Bros, find your remarks very disturbing. After repeated efforts to rid myself of the menace of the harmful….stuff, i had succeeded and that was with a lot of confidentiality assisting me. Now in a publicity stunt very damaging to me, you have revealed my underlying past, the result of which has denied me several jobs. I am now forced to take up jobs such as cleaning the bathroom and commode or a certain person known to the public as Nihar “floatin shyt” bandaru. His surname has nothing to do with myself.
I do hope you realise the errors of your ways, please consider my past and my present Non-narcotic state. I’m sure you find the latter a better option for me to be in. My current roomie in jail, Anku “Stoner” dude will vouch for me.

Thanking you,
U sonafabitch,
Sincerely yours,
Maaakalouda also,
Rohit B.

P.s. Those narcotics were injected into me by a rival gang. I did not take them willingly.

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