Home improved Cast away

Home improvement


But anyway, Yesterday i was pretty sick and i had to skip Madi’s wedding (M. Aditya for the uninitiated) , (Kiran’s cousin for the un-uninitiated) with dear Ja, although i promised him i’d accompany him. T’was a sad day when i couldnt stick to my oath :P. But since i was..down with flew (?) haha, i just met Adnan and Anku at ramser where anku’s hair is almost m-m-mass level now.  Like shoulder length all sides except front  😀 . Will post pic of that as soon as i get my camera on one.

Vishalgaru broke down and unloaded his tale of woe and misery about his crashed swift 😦  Okay actually not. He’s getting “rape-max” by parents though, partially due to exams, and mainly because he didnt tell anyone that he was going far away from the city by car and mischievous friends. Poor garu.

I liked the mix of christ and simpsons in this photo.


Apologies to anyone who’s offended 😀 but the casualness of teh remarks always cracks me up. Oh alright, i shall do unto others what i did unto this.


Wtf? Since when were the hindus into bestiality and horse-rape-maxing?? I so totally love atheism. Bump if you agree 😀

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