A bird in hand is better than two in the bush

In this case we’d have a very chirpy crotch!

ok “my bad” 😀

Let me start off by saying, YAAY TODAY’S CATURDAY!! you know, thursday, friday, CATURDAY


its caturday!

Okay so i read comments of viggy saying he would like to hear more about Vijji’s accident.

We met briefly at ramser about 3 days after the accident because he was grounded for 3 days. He had gone out of the city for a drive with friends, came across a part of the road which was oil slicked, and crashed at 30kmph. Or so he says. At 30kmph. Viggy, of all the people, would know if that coulda been true  🙂

For those who dont know garu :


aww he’s zo cute! But anyway he got rapemaxed only because he didnt tell them he was going so far away. Poor garu, we’re all with you psychic-ly, not physically.

Anyway, moving onto more beautiful things, for those of you who STILL havnt seen Final Fantasy VII – Advent children, you readers are the biggest…i mean, you readers should see it. The best graphics ive seen in an animated movie, and its a 2004 movie. Here’s a shot of one of the characters of the movie, Tifa.


No resizing this pic like i did with the others, bitchez! Shes so real, its unreal. Somehow, the japanese make perfection visually attainable, i tell ya.

Ok enough ranting about tifa.

The same day the photo of narcotically-affected pic of garu was put up, here are two others.

Adnaan, affected the same as garu


and a very non-eating and posing nandita


T’was a fun day that day. Adnan and garu were tripping on each other, adnaan was tripping on nandu, i was tripping on nandu, adnan was tripping on me. Basically there was so much tripping that people were going places!

Post gets concluded here brethers. I should mostly be making another one today night, after football and hanging out, coz parents are outta station and everyone’s busy.

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