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The football did happen last night thankfully, but it happened at 1am to 3am. Which was tiring i say! That too with a broken voice, it was hard calling for passes. I had to resort to mouthing my shouts or jumping. But it amazing fun.

I’ve completely lost my voice as of now, i’m speaking only in whispers and the occasional weirdly sounding bit of sound, if i try. I also have the flu. Commmme to meee

Btw, id suggest reading this comic called Girls with slingshots (GwS) – Two girls, a bar and a talking cactus, by Danielle Corsetto. I started reading it and got really hooked onto it. Same as

GwS is found at

Oh and also Johnny Wander at

Johnny Wander is drawn and edited by Yuko and Ananth, a couple irl, and the cartoon represent, pretty much, their daily days with friends, such as moving into a new house, etc.

All of them are some of the best comics i’ve read recently.

Just a random kitty pic to keep you all going ‘awww’ 😀


Need to take rest! Be good all. I shall come back to yous in a while

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2 Responses to Insert name of post here

  1. Shruba says:

    It’s amazing how I didn’t make even one of your entries.
    I hate you.
    And also,
    nice work. 🙂

    Keep ’em coming.


    You think I should start writing?
    And risk absolute morons making me sound like an ass?

    I miss you.

  2. Ro says:

    Oh you shall come, dont worry. Just awaiting the right inspiration for topic to strike me. Thenk you also!

    What do you mean ‘risk writing’?? You said you’re a national level writer. These are just online expressions of my everyday thoughts and feelings haha nothing major..Things will be okay shru, just focus 🙂

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