Please read this.

The Russian Sleep Experiment.

Its a bit long, so i had it linked.

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This happened in Illinois.

Driving through the woods in a remote forest area near Midlothian, Illinois, a person Carl saw something white in the distance that looked neither human, nor animal. He grabbed his video camera and took a small video as it got close. He felt something change in him as it looked at him. In a trance he went back to his house, connected the video camera and went insane after he saw what it was..a human body with both feet and palms on the ground, but the head of a unknown creature which was twisted around 180degrees.


Paranormal activity’s a movies i’d recommend to someone who liked the Blair Witch Project. Except for the first fifteen minutes of the movies , i really appreciated the movie for the atmosphere created by just random noises and thumping of the floor or doors. But the solid silence was the creepiest, along with a couple of disturbing scenes. The silence was actually deafening. And its a true story except for some parts.

paranormal activity

We need to upload Samara’s video onto this Website to stop the horror.

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2 Responses to Horror

  1. alec says:

    i wish that was real so cool. it sounds like something my cousin described after driving

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