The terminator preaches awareness, my friends.

When we all saw Terminator 2 waaay back in the 90s 😀 , We were awed by the super-duper coolness of a human looking robot. And i remember my favorite scene in the movie, which was when T-800 (Arnold, pronounced ‘Aaownold’) kicks the desk out of the window at Skynet labs and assesses the situation. He then goes about terrifying the officers by blasting away on his minigun and randomly hitting grass and glass everywhere. And then the grenade launcher.

but anyway, the pic is not related to the above paragraph but to the topic of this post.



like OUCH! Hahahah

Sorry for the Short-ass post, i’ll get you guys some soon!

Lets have a horror post tomorrow, i ‘researched’ some material for it. Until then,


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