This post is so inhuman! wait..un-human

Cats! Those furry atheistic pets which everyone love. I had a cat once, it was named Kat. It gave birth to 3 kittens called katty, katmandu and kat junior. Those kattens were just so frisky and jumpadelic that we had to give two away to an uncle. I sincerely somewhat know that, the uncle just threw them out on the way to his house.

But anyway, we had Kat and Kat junior, and they were almost identical. Kat junior was same like Kat.

The only two differences were that 1) Kat junior had a black spot on his nose while Kat had a pink nose and 2) Kat junior had an externally visible reproductive organ, making him a male.

So you see how hard it was to keep distinguishing from them both!

↑    Kat Junior and Kat ogling pigeons just like they loved to do. Aiii miss those furry little kittys    ↑

If you like cats, there are two following topics you should see, One’s for laughs and one is for safety.

For laughs,

Aaanyway, About the second point, here is an illustration. Be warned.

Cat owners will most definitely realize the signs. 😛

This was Madiha’s brief goan romance with a kitty kat.

In the bandaru clan, other cat lovers include Nishant, nihar and abhishek (to a point).

But we’re all animal lovers nonetheless. Any kind of animal. Lets see what pics i have to prove me point…

I hate seafood, but LOVE live seafood! Hurray for crabs!

Kat chilling on nishu heehaha

The small bat i caught. I caught another one very recently, it just flew into my hand (while indoors and me trying to catch it)… It was zo cute!

A tiny lizard i found in college 🙂 . That lizard was my entertainment for that day.

Nihar standing beside the great dane pup which stays in the house beside his 😀

Also, the first person to message me a topic which they want to be made, will have it! Even if its just for kicks! omg gogogogo

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