Shru’s reply to the post “Randome Poste” (which agrees with my opinion)

I have lots more to add to this and I will soon.
Watch this space.

Until then –
I saw New Moon.
Having said that,

So, Anyway. This is what I allowed myself to see and understand of the movie when I wasn’t too busy squirming or hating the world for not ending.
Nobody in that movie can –

1. Act.

2. Articulate fully formed sentences.

3. Form full facial expressions (even in a team effort) (by which I mean Kirsten Stewart AND Robert Pattinson together cannot form a substantial or accepted arrangement of their features and pass them off for any kind of emotion). He constantly looks like he has ulcers God knows where and she looks like she is turned on while having a constant urge to vomit.
I feel the pain that their families are going through.

4. I feel like a closet paedophile for undressing that poor Taylor Lautner boy with my eyes every time he appeared on the screen. I kept pacifying myself by reminding myself that it was just the funny camera tricks. Which was true. It was the same trick they used in movies like LOTR and Elf. To make people look big. In reality, Jacob has shoulders roughly the size of Bella’s. Suddenly I don’t feel all that bad.

5. Be as awesome as me.

Thank you and goodnight

This is shru combined with a side profile to enhance profound thoughts and deep thinking.

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