Hi friends and friends from ‘out of’

It appears that many people think i’m not of a sound mind. But can an unsound mind post pics of updates of friends? No. So here, i prove my un-insanity.

But also, everyone came to the pally after a looong time. So there was much reminiscing, bitching behind backs, straight up love, insulting on faces, bestiality, crappy jokes and a lot of other various emotional sabotages. And this happened every goddamned night we hung out. I’m missing nishu (like not missing him, but missing a photo of him. Will post soon!)

Dt and Caspoop givin each other some lurve.

Anku with the routinely cutely arranged dhruv’s bed.

Bling vosu! He has such a nice smile…

Here we have the nandita with a….blue handbag!? hahaha

In memory of nandu. aand kenny boy.


Vishalgaru like a little girlie with sexy legs macha.

We all remember how adnan was with this hair. So like, he got his hair cut and parted with uniqueness that instant.

So henceforth and thereforth, we must compare the visible changes.


Abielasha asleeping while ipoding.

Blaack voting for Telangana..chillar chindi rey rey we’ll hit.

Who would have thought…who would have ever thought.

Anku being quite provocative…in ramser nevertheless! The guy at the back is like “I’m so gonna do that chick after this smoke.”

Although its not an update, here’s shru and also madihah.

Jango and Zai..aw zo cute.

And so we conclude here boys and gurlzz. Feel free to drop a line, any line. However long or short the line is. or thick. or rude. or crude.

And also, you can subscribe in the right column. Just type your email address and you’ll get an email whenever i post something. Since i dont post much, it wont bother you much and you’ll still get to…check out my stuff regulary. bwahahah.




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2 Responses to Hi friends and friends from ‘out of’

  1. Shrubat says:

    Don’t like.

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