Of birthdays, churches, guns, and more

Hi dear friends, Let me embark upon a story.

We leave for Goa soon, soon being tomorrow morning, where we shall be joined by various friendly folks coming from other parts of the country.

End of story.

Who all are going, you may ask. The pally gang i could say. But nay. Unfortunately, tis not the full pally gang. One is missing and enable to make it. Whoever could it be…


But we shall memory him during the trip. Dont you worry garu, we shall do stuff, toasting all the while to you!

But seriously, study baap. Dont think of us…or viggy. aaa  ahaa ahaha hahaha…aha.

20th December was Nandita’s birthday, and it fell on a sunday. Dont we all just hate when that happens? The next day, we gotta get up for work, or school, or internship, whatever. But if it fell on a saturday, BIG HOPES! LATE NIGHT! NO LIMITS! but oh well. So we went to Club 8 and rocked the place with 5 fruit punches. They’re still recovering! Here are a coupla pics from there.

So yes, she claimed she had the BEST time EVER. She thanked all of us individually for coming for her birthday party and that this was better than all her older parties. She was very grateful to us and hopes this can happen again another time. Doesnt you, nandu? 🙂

Moving onto more random things,

Do you think you’re better than rihanna?


But i dont see the proof that he hit her. She looks strong enough to defend herself while he looks like a ducking. Shes faking it, i tell ya.

All of you remember the aircraft called the A-10 Thunderbolt? It was in a really really old DOS game, and more recently, the two planes which attacked Scorponok in the beginning of Transformers? It was this plane :

Remember now? But thats not the reason i brought this up. Whats so special about it, you may ask. And i shall reveal!

The A-10 Thunderbolt has the one of the meanest cannons onboard an airborne vehicle called the GAU-8. It’s basically a gatling gun such as the T-800’s in Terminator 2 : Judgement day. But what about the size?

You think its that size or a little larger than that? Think again!

YEEEAHHH! Now THAT’S a gatling gun.

This weapon had so much of recoil that it would alter the A-10’s flight direction by a few degrees during firing. Then they had sensitive stabilization instrumentation put in to counter that.

This fires at the rate of 65 or 70 rounds per SECOND. And the size of the shell?

The plane is called a tank buster, because it kills tanks. Not with missiles only, but with its cannon. Imagine ripping apart plates of metal with a gatling gun! Now thats a killing machine.

Ever wondered about Anti-Gravity?

Here’s something to help you understand it, although its a bit crude.

loooool stupid kitty


’nuff said. Get stoned and rock your way into heaven.

Heres some explicit Harry Potter stuff!


From the

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