Days go by

Hullllo all!

As the days went by and events of no importance happened, i realised that i hadnt posted in quite a while. Why? Because of events with no importance happening. So a quick recap of events and chilling stories.


Joy’s first trip to goa happened finally (after planned trips getting cancelled about 8 times), so with much ado we went and had fun and did stuff; Some of which we just cant reveal to you all, because What happens in Goa, stays in Goa. Like cmon. Hello?

So we chilled there after being joined by Dhruv and abhilasha, and chilled more with beer and lots of Blueberry Cheesecake from Brittos (near Baga beach), which i would definitely suggest to lovers of the same! T’was amazing. Vasu was tripping without the help of anything liquidy or eatable πŸ˜€


New year was very chilled out at home. Too chilled out.

In fact, just what the heck did we do? We shoulda been out pardying or something. But no, seriously it was a relaxed ‘do’ at home. Someone puked though πŸ˜€

hmm what else..


Ibbu sent me pics of his minor hand injury. It happened during football at his college a while ago.


What may have caused it? “Oh, just some football injury.”

But yah, it was a pretty bad one. Ibbu fell to the ground and found his arm not moving and useless. He was wondering why, until he saw his bone sticking out of his arm. Then began the arm-rescue operations! (Literally).


Yep thats the metal rod they pushed in there for support πŸ™‚ aaand you can see his bone too.



LOTS more photos, but internet is a bitch. So i’ll upload them in coming up posts πŸ˜€


So the other day i was being complained about by a pretty girl. She was complaining that i was never punctual and that i was rude and devastatingly handsome 😦 . and also that i was acting all scared and paranoid in life. I’ll post some pics as i had promised her, and then you can see her and you can judge if i’m the one who’s always paranoid.



So there. my job is completed.

AHAAA AHAHAHA “I’ve lost spartaaaa 😦 ”


So now Nishu, Vasu, Abhilasha and dhruv left hyderabad sometime back. Abhilasha dropped into hyderabad for a day and we met today amidst much rejoicing and loffter. But what i cant understand is how her sense of direction is so bad!

Okay for those of you who know marredpally (and my house), Imagine my house to your left..AAH let the drawing say it all.

I told her “take a right, and then a right, and come straight”. What was going through her head i couldnt fathom. How i loffed but!



Will post again soon! Must.get.sleep.

See you all!

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3 Responses to Days go by

  1. cooly says:

    How worse you are

  2. Ro says:

    yay the coolyhotgal has commented finally

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