just a quicky

Hello readers, i’m obliged to post a post quicker than i normally would because of such a long gap taken before posting, so i feel guilty. So hence now thereforth, i give you,




It would probably look like this :



The last answer in the above replies just killed it!




The next post is somewhat dedicated to Dhruv, because hes been so incessantly asking me to PLEASE put him in my blog hah. So i sez okay fine bah..attention whore πŸ˜€ . So here’s some updates he’s been sending me.

This is a very Bizzare football match that happened.


. Their purposeful goal scoring capabilities were as good as our non-purposeful scoring abilities heehaha


This is Dhruvie’s version of how Twilight would conclude in his words, and i agree! But why’s he so anti-twilight? Thats so hypocritical! πŸ˜€


Conversation between Me and Viggy (Vignesh macha)

Me: You musta got some russian chicks

vignesh: Bulla.All I got is Hash from russian chics

vignesh: Acutally dunno which country they were from

vignesh: too stoned

me: lol typical viggy

vignesh: VIshal brahmin went to Taj banjara for new year kathe?

me: No re

me: I though taj deccan?

vignesh: Dunno.My dad called to wish him and he sounded too drunk kathe πŸ™‚

me: lool wahahah


Viggys such a fellow re.

Here’s some hilarious comics,Β courtesy Rahul


aand thats typical ral for you πŸ™‚


Just some thoughts about our friendly neighbourhood trouble makers. I dont want to mention the very obvious word, because then this blog will become a very scrutinized area πŸ™‚



more soon!

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2 Responses to just a quicky

  1. Vignesh says:

    Haha Bandaru in the contrary to everything I’ve said over phone/chat including the severe abuses,you are funny baap.Of all the pics and the posts the photo of Tandan cracked me up.Dunno why.Tandan has that thing going on na everytime?I think it all started with Kenny giving him more importance than he actually deserved?Kenny would start with Joy,vasu,VIshal and eventaully me.All of us never used to give a fuck and then he realized Tandan was his only true friend.What a touching story.But nothing can beat this

    Scene:me,tandan and others standing below Bandarus apartment.6 months after keeny moved out of that place.
    Tandan:Arey lets go to Kennys and starts his Yamaha 1200 cc
    Bandaru:What Kenny moved out of this place a?(With that disillusioned and stupid look on his face not to mention).

    • Ro says:

      Shit baap, i know! But it wasnt six months you sonuvabitch..i think 4 months πŸ˜›

      Arrey hes a fast chap re, what should i do? There i was just chilling at home, hearing some sounds from the above floor where kenny stayed. So i go to pick up some milk and sugar from his house and whadduknow. Hes gone!

      Small change :
      Tandan : Arey lets go to Kenny’s
      *starts his Kinetic 1200cc SilverArrow Trailblaze*
      Bandaru : Okay lets g-
      Tandan from phone : i’m there.

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