A good pun is its own reword

Is this a sign from above? There i was, just randomly walking on the road with my buddy arfan, when he noticed the glove in such a controversial gesture. We were awestruckly impressed! The road gives us a piece of its fucking mind.



After a long time the bandarus met up with the raos, and i’m not talking about joydeep rao, he’s already family yaar. But the vydika rao. We used to be childhood buddies, parents being family friends. Me, nishu and ral stillย reminisce those days when we’d watch Laurel and Hardy in her house while the parents would chit-chot and they would be bored. Because of the number of times they’d already watched it.

Veda in somewhere foreign i think. London was it, ah?


And her ammazingly amazing bart simpson slippers/floaters/soft feeters…? (I’m not posh, i dont know re)

More later!


Shruti on acid man! (i think during halloween)


A useless conversation which i had, and it was with none other than shru ๐Ÿ˜€

psychremlin: hi.

me: hello

me: hallo?

psychremlin: hey.

psychremlin: what’s up?

me: .

— and that was the full conversation.


notty notty.


Okay so i was wondering about the feminine ladies arguing for their feminine rights. I had to wait for 2 hours 14 minutes with about 24 people in line when applying for my international license. So we’re just waiting and sweating in the queue when a girl comes and walks along the entire line and presents herself to the counter and says ‘ladies line’ and gets her shit done and leaves while we’re all waiting. Why such difference? Why dont they have to stand in line? It was painful to watch ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Effect :


Anyway, lets have some RBCs and WBCs!


Like ouch! hahaha


OKAY no more (for now)

Some “oh, so sweet!” pics of jango and zaira, Secunderabad’s cute couple ๐Ÿ˜€ heheh



And a not so cute photo. Not a couple photo, just a photo. NOT a “not so cute couple photo”. Just a “not so cute photo”. Plez bear in mind this.



Cheers! The day after is a holidayyy! Cant wait. And maybe hopefully we can have football then. ๐Ÿ™‚

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3 Responses to A good pun is its own reword

  1. Shrubatcatmat says:

    I posted a comment earlier.
    Something went wrong, apparently.
    So here I am again.
    I ignored Adnaan when he made fun of you and Geda and squealed like a little girl high on toffee every time you called her or she called you.
    But after this.
    I’m not saying anything.
    But its certainly something that I can’t ignore.

    I was not ON Acid.
    I WAS Acid.
    You bledy.

    more than the pointless conversations, there were the bizarre ones.
    Also the lou ones.

    Like –

    Rohit: you know whats worse than ten babies nailed to a tree?
    me: ugh
    Rohit: one baby nailed to ten trees ๐Ÿ˜€
    omg omg omg
    me: oh God
    Rohit: can i have your kid!
    me: over my dead body
    Rohit: so you offer your dead body too..hmm not a bad proposition
    me: go away
    Rohit: never. i am here to stay and stay here i wont!
    but i’ll go there
    which is here only actually

    And –

    me: did you eat?
    Rohit: Oh yes
    me: x-(
    what did you eat?
    Rohit: 3 rotis + chicken
    me: don’t lie to me
    for breakfast?
    and milk?
    Rohit: Yus
    me: are you kidding me?
    (hug hug)
    Rohit: ya re ๐Ÿ˜€
    Ill eat off heartily if non veg is there
    me: sweet
    Rohit: Hug too

    Aren’t we the cutest?


    There you go.


  2. Rohit Bandaru says:

    haha we’re all just having pun and loling around yo

  3. Anusha Rao says:

    My punny bunny

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