In case you’re jobless. Lets if you have the will to complete it like i did πŸ˜€

So i’m into a long list of web-comics in case you didnt know. They’re fun and non-repetitive, and at the same time, they’re free! As free as braveheart! (after he was tortured, mutilated, decapitated and his four limbs amputated).

But i just love that movie. So touching and loving. But anyway, moving onto webcomics, I thought i’d post a few strips from a few of my favourite ones, just in case any of you might like any one of them. Each of them have their own unique style of drawing and humor, so you just have to find what tickles your humor buds… :S

That’ll complete my mission. ya.ha.hah.









WHITE NINJA : (Personal Favourite!)











If you like any of them, do comment away for the links. (You can just google the name and get it, but hey, I’d like the comments πŸ™‚ )


Moving onto other things,

There is a girl whos somewhere feeling left out, Her name is megha, and i wonder why she feels left out of THIS blog. hahah..shes in singapore now, studying and chilling. Hows the weather rey? It was nice and blazing hot when i came there…hmm, i dont have any pics to show..just one actually.

But yes, she was the first subscriber to me blog. And faithfully reading ever since..i mean, even you guys are..but she was the firs- shatap you know what i mean. All of you are good boys and girls, dont worry.

I remember the kinds of problems she’d get into just for being so nice and helpful. Nishu and abhi’d back me up on that thought. We’d say ‘Megha! stop trying to help so much!’ and she’d be confused and sad for not helping that kid or friend.

We wouldnt mind someone helping someone. Thats normal and well appreciated. But megha would go overboard, as in, helping when not needed. lolz. Crazy megha.



Nishu’s sent the link for the pictures taken in the Goa trip that we had..Its was ay crazy trip ya.

Sechay many funny pics were taken, drinks enjoyed and dhruv molested while he was laughing; Or as i’d like to say, Lolested πŸ˜€


Closer than ever, you now appear to have gotten meaner
occupying the long desired sunshine in my mind;
cooking up fantasies, and choking on Deelishus Weenies
killing, to being unfulfilling and no longer kind.
speaking of which, the frolick was fine,
unclean and dirty though it was,
crudely pulsating through the wordmaker of mine
kneeling recklessly, i realised the act had no guaranteed clause.
ever wonder what i now think of your innocent little self?
read the first letters of each sentence and find out what it spells.


Until Later people lol.

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  1. Naveed says:

    test test test good google great test test

  2. Rohit Bandaru says:


  3. Dhruv says:

    easily the most useful/informative blog on the web. keep up the good work…

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