From battam of my hort

i had a haircut.

That wasnt interesting at all! How shitty this blog is. Oky i’ll dig up something else

BEHOLD! WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US, atleast once in our lives :


Here’s some Emo shit which i found.

“okay my best friend i loved her to death she had always been there for me was like a sister but last week she asked out my boyfriend and he said yes i loved him and he had said he loved me as well i gave up alot for him lost alot of my friends over him i lost all site of things important and made him my world so when she asked him out and said yes i had asked her to please break up with him cause it hurts seeing them she just said no were not best friends anymore as of now and that means i can date him because the rrule is BESt friend dont date Other BEST friend boyfriend not people i wanted to die it still really hurts and so she and i stopped talking now she dated my friend and my ex at the same time and bamed me when they dumped her yet i did nothing i didnt even know so now all my friends hate me and it unfair because i did nothing to top it off she rubs it in my face the my ex loves her and never loved me and how he said she is better then me in every way possible im not sure how much more of it i can take”

think thats gay? Look at thiiiiiis :

“it was 3 years ago.I was starting to listen metal,and having a fantasy bout a boy with a green eyez who has a bend,writes songs and does x3m,like sk8ing or something….Then he shows up,looking so perfect and beautifol and he was so nice to me…we started chating like all the time,cause he was from diferent city,far away from me.How the time was passing and we were getting to know each other I fel in love with him…and he was loving me,too.It was the best time of my life.He had a band,and he was sk8er boy,green eyez,btw,he was writting songs 4 me…and one time they had a concert I went on,and he gave me kiss on the stage while he was playing the new song written 4 me…the glorious beauty of his…it was perfect,the dayz and nights we spent together,the ways he knows me,he kisses me…4 my birthday he gave me the board with my name and i love u printed on…and a grafitti.he made me feel special,and out of this world.
And then he dissapeared 4 was weard.After 3 weeks his younger brother told me he died in accident on his bike.he left me.All alone.After he showed me what the love is,and that its worth living.
I was depressed,tryed to kill myself.I still am,but no so much,just kept on living with a memory of one beautiful love and one green eyed boy.I dont know if I shell ever love again.
he was my everithing.I wrote this song 4 him

and so I wait 4 u,
to show up on the corner,
dream of u,
and break every border
ever made
I reach out and feel ur hand
but still u stay
inside my head.

Ive been searching all my life
just 4 one second,one ur smile,
still I wanna find that light
to touch ur hand,make u mine,
but u stay cold and far away
ur in my head and there u stay
4ever and ever my perfect mach.

with a broken glass I try
to feel Ur touch
Ur a blood in my wames
U make it bolis
with a 1000 tears I tried
to make u real
but no,Ur still
my fantasy

In a mirror I see U,try to reach U
but still u stay far
just a dust made of my heart
my blinded eyez cant see the light
my deaf ears cant hear Ur voice
my body gets even colder
ur somebody elses solgier of death
and I envy
and so I die…
Ive died inside…

such delightful young souls..Its only the systems of the world that cause their discomfort and gloom in life.


Remember one of the first posts in my blog about hinduism and its antics? Heres one more! and with a kid in the middle!

More wonderful updates about the most un-wonderful twicrap

I get this picture! and relate to the meaning!

AHAHAHAH catch the highly visualistic batman in action!

Read the sweet words of Mary Poppins 🙂 just hover the mouse over the pic to understand the niceties.

In memory of Twitter.

Lets keep a gap in between posts. I’m posting too often 😛 ahhaah ok not

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2 Responses to From battam of my hort

  1. Dhruv says:

    lolz at mary poppins

    • Rohit Bandaru says:

      lolz at people who use lolz. How re Delhi is already making you so different. Is it the place? the money? the weather? the sex? or lack of it?
      Feel free to drop a line anytime! Ro’s emotional balancing clinic will assist you with anything it can do.

      Ro’s EmoClinic™
      – If you’ve got a problem with bubblegum and need some help, spit it out!
      – If you’ve got Agoraphobia, just hop in the public bus and come see us! You’re curable! (We’re the third stop after the flea market)
      – If you’re having a hard time believing that we’re real, please look us up at

      with help from Jyothi and the Alpha gang.

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