P3ism is a dangerous disease

Totally unrelated to the heading,

“CM of the state Sanjeevayya (Suman) dies in a bomb blast. Dhnunjay (Subbaraju) – a relative of Sanjeevayya plans to take over the post of CM. Arjun Prasad (Rana Daggubati), the son of Sanjeevayya is a well educated and a successful entrepreneur in the USA. He realises that his CM father was a corrupt person and entire political system is infested with corruption. Arjun uses his brain to outsmart Dhanunjay to become the CM. The rest of the story is all about how Arjun fights the system of corruption and makes a difference.”

And thats the story of LEADER, starring Rana. A large number of females (and some discreet males) have fallen prey to this politician bashing hero’s good looks. And after being asked to write a post and mainly put pictures of him, how could i but refuse to do so. (You still have to change your name to Rithi)

and i still dont remember him from school. But hes a very nice guy apparently.

On other news, DO visit Joy’s new eatery. Its called “Around the corner” and its around the corner. It has delightfully delicious shawarmas, amazing masala omelets, veg and non-veg pulao, non-sugared juices and sexy chaat. I personally recommend the shawarmas, you just cannot have only one.

Im crap with routes, but here goes.

He has car service too. I mean, he doesn’t deliver *yet*, but his staff will come up to you after you park and you can order and the food’ll be brought to you. very convenient i say! But if you wish for some fresh air, You can seat your butt on his comfy bean bags and eat at a table…hmm that sounded vaguely sexual. But nevermind.



That day, me and viggy hung out there for 4 and half hours just eating, chatting and generally ridiculing each other.

LETS SEE YOU figure this out 😛
Its a famous song. If you give up, just hover the mouse over the pic 😀




My very close spiritual companion is amazing at maths coz shes an angle dude.

See you soon!

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4 Responses to P3ism is a dangerous disease

  1. Dhruv says:

    sell out…i come to this website to get a few laughs and find out whats happening in the world…and instead i get the story of the latest telugu movie with pictures of the lead actor.
    i want my money back.

    • Rohit Bandaru says:

      Baaasket. You wont even buy us all blackberries with that motherload of monies you’re making and you want your money ba- wait you didnt even pay me anything. Now I’m going to come to delhi and beat you. And do you, by any chance, remember Rana? Not the gay Rana female who everyone else was obsessed with (including dear buddy anku), our senior Rana kathe.
      You’re one of the discreet gentlemen arent you 😀 i KNEW IT! But i’ll keep it a secret ra. shit too late. Hokay come fast and we’ll measure up and see how much we’ve grown since last meeting :O

  2. N Dawg says:

    You didn’t put up Rana’s shirtless picture. Rithika’s going to be angry brohit.

    • Rohit Bandaru says:

      Its Rithi from now on yo..and she didnt ask for shirtless pic, So wad do? Anyway, he likes to be fully clothed.

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