longer is not always better

wouldn’t you like it if i posted in shorter intervals of time? So there.


Soooo the last time i posted was a really long time back; almost a month. I had gone to france and come back amidst volcanic issues.

I took only three pictures during the Paris trip, One of Rahul doing the silly walk (EDIT : Trying to do).

Another of rahul standing with a Lamborghini Reventon

and the last of a Twilight poster located at a very ideal location. (Above the urinals in the bathroom)

Ain’t i such a photographer 😀


Okay, so today i caught two pigeons that strayed into the house and wouldn’t go out at all. Frustrating that half hour of trying to catch them was, i tell you! I finally had to use a bedsheet and throw it up into the air and let them fly straight into it. Pics to prove it.

Pigeon 1 :

Pigeon 2 :

So then, both ze pigeons are now out and safe and flying around and fornicating maybe. Who knows macha. And they werent molested or such, as a friend suggested 🙂

I’ve never misbehaved around pigeons and will never too!

Stevie wonder tweets!

😐  Lmao

From me balcony :

More pics taken from my balcony. See, i’m a photographer too…AND i didnt need a fancy-posh-futuristic-automatic-lens camera..I got this from my phone which has a vga camera haha.

On another vague note :




Until later!

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