Bitch slap!

EgaD! haahaha BITCH SLAP!

I found that so hilarious. Cats rock! Just look at the PHEAR on the dogs face.

Also Roombas rock.

Hokay moving on,


Some graphs of thoughts in our daily loife πŸ™‚






I wonder if any of you remember this game…It was originally made in BASIC programming language. Then later, a windows version of this called “Gorilla 2 : The Return” was released, which featured more ‘banana’ weapons such as Shredder banana, nuke banana, etc etc

To play :

1) Type in the angle at which you want the banana to be thrown. Press Enter.

2) Type in the velocity at which you want the banana to be thrown. Press Enter

3) If you’ve hit opponent, gloat.

4) If not, exclaim “shit.” Coz he gonna git yo ass, man πŸ˜€

Gorilla 2 is ammmmazing fun to play..if you have a friend whos bored and so are you, just download gorilla 2 and fight it out.

Gorilla 2 has advanced from Gorilla 1 in small ways such as AWESOME GRAPHICS and WIND CHANGES and the number TWO in the name of the game. Oh, and many more weapons.

Gogogogogo get the game. Click HERE to download it.

Randoms! πŸ˜€


Ever wondered how Mario always seemed so Chirpy?

Damn those ‘shrooms !

Oh and here are some Mario wallpapers too πŸ˜› Β HIGH RESOLUTION πŸ˜€

Just click on the to open in a new window and save them


Here’s Cheers to new friends!

See you soon Macha πŸ™‚

Quotes :

aceflashheart Β – Β Religion: giving hope in a world torn apart by religion…?

“Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.”
Popular Mechanics (1949)

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2 Responses to Bitch slap!

  1. Your father says:

    Haha..lolz @ graphs and epicfail… and mario

    • Rohit Bandaru says:

      Is that you deeteey? Or your father ah? Mario makes so much sense na! Viggy also. Kathe after he did shrooms, he cycled down a 5 foot tall hill and thought he had been cycling for an hour or so kathe. Oh this was in Kodaikanal πŸ™‚

      Machaaas. Are you listening πŸ˜€

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