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That musicky feeling that always surrounds you..

Its just gas. . Music played in public places : This is easy : Its chindi everywhere. Chiiinnnndi. Here in vizag, the family went to a slightly posh restaurant called Tycoon filled with loads of business people. Conversations kept getting … Continue reading

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i see you baby…shakin’ that rash. shakin’ that rash.

Rest assured, this post is coooompletely UNrelated to the post name. But you have to admit, you thought it was another of my gross posts. But fear not, its not. Firstly we have adnan and garu verbally molesting each other … Continue reading

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I like Lizzie!

and lizzie likes me! Hello peopuls, After a long hiatus of non-posting, i have decided to post stuff, hoping to enliven all my numerous viewers (Which is still generally in the single digits). As you will remember, i had once … Continue reading

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