I like Lizzie!

and lizzie likes me!

Hello peopuls,

After a long hiatus of non-posting, i have decided to post stuff, hoping to enliven all my numerous viewers (Which is still generally in the single digits).

As you will remember, i had once posted about PETA and had asked a question about how everyone generally feels about it. Anyway now we have answers on the next question!


“Who do you visualize as a vampire? It can be aaanyone”

And we got replies, i say!

*Ibbu – ancoo re. he is dark, has long hair and that vampire beard also
*Arfan – waste question…I don’t have an answer.
*Spoorthi – Robert robert robert
*Manusha – Umm that rob pattinson guy makes a great vampire don’t you think?
*Ettihasi – You are my best bet as the vampire! Coz pattinson guy is way too boring!
*Shashank – U
*Mihika – My niece. She keeps biting me. Wait, she reminds me of a mouse, not a vampire. hmmm well that would be me.
*Kashif – Vladimir putin. Without a doubt
*Nandita – An intern at GoldmanSachs
*Joy – Considering a pansy vampire in a sucky saga got a lot of ass, i dont mind visualizing myself as one 😀
*Vishalgaru – Me. Because i suck when it comes to blood.
*Vijeta – Hmmm Dracula?
*Viggy – Dhruv re. I imagine it being twilight and dhruv standing at his balcony showing those vampire teeth while i drive by.
*Summie – I’m guessing its for your blog…First thought went to Wesley snipes
*Vichitra – You. Not in a good way. Wait, who is this?
*Sangeet dubbi – My ex girlfriend :p
*Shruti – Gir. Because Gir must live forever. He just must.
*Bhavya – Arre i dont have twilight type frnds re.
*Adnaan – Michael Schumacher
*Veda – Heath ledger
*Nishu – Nihar
*Nihar – Raisa for vampire…she’s pure white baap
*Raisa – Johnny depp. Like, i think i want him to eat me.
*Dhruvie – Yo daddy
*Ancooyskch – A vampire
*Pavitra – um this classmate of mine from col- she actually looked like one
*Hruthika – lol u

hahah i like them responses.



Could anyone decipher this for me?

SHeer awesomity! The crocodile’s yelling, “I can FLY!”


The other day i had been thinking about the whole blackberry network being banned in india. But then i came across a solution in the paper!

For just 3 grand!


Heres an look at what was going through Balrog’s mind when he…ah just read it.



Okay wait for the ouch in the below pic. Waaaait for it.


lol Xzibit.


Okay just one more 😛

Okay i be back soon with a new post. Be ‘Posted’. BAHhahaha

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6 Responses to I like Lizzie!

  1. Vigyanesh says:

    What a louly post ya.You still amaze me with your humor.
    Btw I think adnan’s comment the best.Schumacher kathe

  2. manusha says:

    hahhahha blackcherry!! 😛 did u notice the small print on the right side? image may vary from original product!!!! :O

  3. RB says:

    Whoa i never noticed that!
    Lol image shown here may differ from the original product. bahwhahaha i cant imagine

    I agree viggy.. Schumacher does look so much like a vampire na

  4. Raisa says:

    Um. Is that a real lizard? If so…EWWWW. If not…ewwww.

  5. ibrahim says:

    the blackcherry advert is awesome baba…. so is ur lizard pic…u need to to post more often

  6. yeah! says:


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