i see you baby…shakin’ that rash. shakin’ that rash.

Rest assured, this post is coooompletely UNrelated to the post name. But you have to admit, you thought it was another of my gross posts. But fear not, its not.

Firstly we have adnan and garu verbally molesting each other EVERYDAY goddamnit. They sit at my house and come-back each other’s comebacks non stop for like 8 hours. It’s usually fun to hear the first 3 minutes. But here we have a Before and After pic!

Aww would you lookie them. Garu is saw cute as always and Adnan is just so…”yeah baby”. As always, adnan sobers down drastically after getting a haircut. See how mild he is, unlike the previous photo.


Here i post a few of the search words that led to my blog in the past few weeks. just amazing!

-random girls naked
-cow and chicken nudity
-bandaru sowmya
-bella and edward haveing sex
-shadow warrior nudity
-bella having sex
-edward you sparkle
-naked peta
-naked ladies fur

I didn’t know people actually searched for such stuff! Actually i did.


Looking at some google trends or google suggestions, we’re able to see the kind of things that are searched for. If you must know, when something is searched for constantly, it gets ‘bumped’ to the top suggestions.





People really should get their priorities in life straight and look for the right stuff! Now let me post crap in peace.


The randomness of it 😀


Some kats for youu!





So friends, i must leave you now, for i am so material-less. PLEASE give me something to write about. I will write about whatever the first person to comment requests me to write about. But always remember.

I’ll always love you…

Salad fingers!

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One Response to i see you baby…shakin’ that rash. shakin’ that rash.

  1. ShruBatman says:

    First First First!

    Write about Music played in public places.
    Anywhere. Malls. Clubs. Chai shops.
    Aye or nay.
    Also, the kind of Music that is dished out for the kind of people each respective establishment expects as its audience/clientele/customers.

    I will always love you.

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