That musicky feeling that always surrounds you..

Its just gas.
Music played in public places :
This is easy :
Its chindi everywhere. Chiiinnnndi.
Here in vizag, the family went to a slightly posh restaurant called Tycoon filled with loads of business people. Conversations kept getting interrupted by a random tracklist filled with songs varying from “Chicago – Dying In Your Arms Tonight”  to “Backstreet Boys – Everybody”. It was very evident they had music for the sake of having music.
And then in Hyderabad i go to a shop in a mall and suddenly i’m listening to heavy bhangra. Especially when i enter shops like OyPappaeyNation. Makes me want to do something random to the shirt that i’m trying out. But nothing dirty. Nooooo, nothing dirty at all re.
Malls: Now that i think about it, i’ve never really listened to the music played in malls in general, but my sources tells me they’re all generally upbeat pop-ish songs. This topic has got me thinking…i’m going to listen more to music being played around me.
Clubs: Places like club8, hard rock aren’t clubs. So this sentence along with the previous one are in the wrong topic. Clubs like feepeey, Bottles and chimneys have…wait, i’m still not sure if those are clubs too. Lets just consider Liquids. Liquids plays house..veeery loud house and is always so full that you cant even enter, let alone dance. When the night is done, you have to wash off the sweat of 40 random strangers off your body 🙂 I’ve been there only once and have not listened to the music. Just watched how…waste people can be. Then we have TenD, which is a fuuun place whenever its not swamped by googliites. But usually TenD plays very good and relate-able music. I’m not a frequenter. Everyone i know, knows about 10D more than me, so ask yourself!
Bars: I guess Club8 and Feepey and such fall into this category. Quite a much of rock.
Chai shops: Baha! No music for you in chai shops! The owner prefers to have silent music playing. You can have your own sound by using your phone or ipod+dock, although the latter isnt commonly used in chai shops.
So i conclude that music varies from establishment to establishment. I would sometimes not want to listen to hard rock in hard rock cafe. I’d love to listen to my kinda music wherever i go. So i guess that, i would want my kind of music being played wherever i go. Does that apply to everyone? Or would you guys not mind leaving the choice of music to the establishment.


You have disgraced our family, son.



On a new topic,


As a few of you know, i had visited vizag for some family reasons. I show you a few things i had captured…which were quite fenny.


Okay officer, i shall not bring my Toy transformer robot into hand luggage due to its obvious dangerous and deadly natur– BAHAH im just playing along officer…oh you’re not joking….. wat.


Something funny i found online 🙂




with louu

Kindly excuse the short post, will get back with another soonie!

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2 Responses to That musicky feeling that always surrounds you..

  1. Manusha says:

    I don’t mind what music is playing provided its not too much heavy metal or house or trance..
    And I think its nice to listen to diff music also from time to time.. You never know when youl like something new! Its like broadening our horizons..
    And listening to same music every place might be a boring after some time. Also, if you listen to different kinds of music, after a while they might remind you of some places where you hung out and heard them.. But if you listen to the same kinds of stuff everwhere then it becomes much harder to associate it with a particular memory at a particular plc, since u hear it all over

  2. Nen d says:

    “Okay officer, i shall not bring my Toy transformer robot into hand luggage due to its obvious dangerous and deadly natur- BAHAH im just playing along officer…oh you’re not joking….. wat.”
    hahahhahah chootya!

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