Louder than sneezing in a bus full of nuns

O hi dere.

I realise i’m taking more and more gaps between postings, but dont you guys worry; i’m just collecting material in that meantime for a new post. And so, i thought i’d share some of the things i’ve seen recently. I havn’t been going out much due to boredom and lack of external possible enjoyment opportunities. So i’ve been browsing quite a bit. Oh and btw, i got internet at home again! 😀  How nice.

Adnaan’s gone back to New Yorkshire place, and Ancoo’s gone to New Zoolander. Both of them confessed before they left  that they were sick of staying in old places. But unsurprisingly, both of them are back for a visit within 3 months.

Here’s garu and adnan expressing lou.

But then as usual, they both get hyper and start showing off their strength on us weaker mortals.

But one of these days, they’ll get what’s coming to them. A person who has challenged Adnan to a fitness-off will come back to Hyderabad soon and fitness-whoop his ass!

And as for garu, hmm..he’ll just get married. Then i’ve no need for revenge 😛


There are so many questions that are just dying to get responded to and my yahoo account has been acting just insane from quite a while. Here are a few insights into the problems i’m having. And btw, this account was made in 1999, the first internet account i ever made.

-Yahoo had somehow changed my age recently, and had showed that i was born in 1999.

-That was fine, because it only showed that i had some 4 years to go before i turned 13 and i could participate in Yahoo Answers.

-That was until i recently checked up and found a new change :

Okay NOW, yahoo is just fucking around with me for fun. What the heck??



Okay i got just one reply after all the people i sent it to, but i’m not pissed. It was a rather time consuming exercise which generates no glory. But it does generate laughs.

Okay the original :

and an example :

I got a reply from Shruti, and she made two!






Robin is just nasty. NASTY, i tell you. Although Bruce asked for it.



I can picture SO many people doing this.




okay i’m lying. This topic isnt about monkey secks,

But it has the next best thing! Monkey masturbation! In a very….different way. (Note : you could replace different with disturbing)




Here we go again. Here are some more of the ‘WordPress Searches’ that led people to this very blog.

– rana daggubati body
– naikd fimayls
– hinduizam sex
– “have you forgotten so easily?” the subj
– someone unconscious
– someone betraying you
– vydika rao
– raping vampire
– bulla bulla crap crap
The second search was just mind boggling. How did that lead to the blog??


GUESS WHICH GAME I’M CURRENTLY PLAYING! You need to be alert and you can conquer by commanding.
You guessed right!
After ages and ages, i get reacquainted with this masterpiece which brings back fond memories of Prism tanks, Chrono-troopers, apocalypse tanks and the nuuumerous tactics that we used. I found a blog that showed the list of games that can run on a netbook (like mine), and this was one of them! YAY (bah).

THATS all people. Until next time,

You’re all just morans. MORANS! I laaaaaugh at you.
I shall be back soon with an installment of Old Cartoons in and around our time. see ya!
I’ve just received an email from vishalgaru, it would be nice if you guys could just check it out once. He owns Pushpagiri Eye Institute and its doing wonders right now!
thats the link, do fill up a simple form and you can have saved someone’s vision! Literally. I’ve signed up too. Go go go.
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