AAAAAND here’s another edition of Pre-2000 games.

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And so we get on with it.

MYST (1993)

An old puzzle game with artistic scenarios. Click, click, clickety, click your way to overcoming those hurdles.

DUKE NUKEM (1991, 1993,1996)

Duke nukem 1 :

Duke Nukem 2 :

Duke Nukem 3D :

Aah Duke nukem.


By far one of the BEST games made, imo. I still play it now. Simple, funny, fun and the best part : Evil triumphs over Good  >:D

BLOOD (1997)

Hahah. A fun game introduced to me by my dear cousin Abhi. It has a bit of blood in it, mind you. But monsters are monsters. Must do away with them all 😀

INTERSTATE 76 (1997)

Interstate 76! Before we got our hands on this, we had played the next release, Interstate 82.

Such a fun mix of driving on the road, off the road WHILE shooting at cars and people, getting shot at, driving over landmines and what not. Every mildly violent racer kid’s dream. For the same genre but with more violence, check out Carmageddon 😀

MDK (1997)

MDK meaning Murder Death Kill (lovingly called so by its fans), was very different from the other games. Amazing backgrounds, abstract architecture, and a unique style of gaming. I loved playing it. and still do play it 😛


Flyyy around in a helicopter at a fixed altitude and shoot at stuff. Combine that with various weapons and powerups. Noice fun!

OUTLAWS (1997)

Shoot the chickens! Shoot the chicken!! This game had brilliant gameplay mixed with the characters being drawn in a comic sorta way, giving it a somewhat authentic feel.


This game was so HICK and cool like how HICK HOP is. Watch that alcohol level, baby. Gotta keep it high. or low..i dont remember lol


I loved this game! Destroy those BMTs and T80s..damn i’ve going to get this game again. Memories!


Just a time pass game :p


Who doesn’t remember this game? I’m guessing everyone. It wasn’t very famous, mainly played by KKND Extreme fans and coupla others.


Oh man, another game that was so addictive that i still play it even now. TRAAANSFORM from walker into hovercar. Do missions, play arena against the computer, kickass!


Hovercar hovercar I’m a hovercar!

ROAD RASH 3D (1998)

lol Road Rash. Endless fun 😀

“Dont forget the grandma…AH NICE GOOD ONE BAAP!”

*Thumps back*

GTA2 (1998)

Grab guns, drive over people, shoot them, blow up cop cars, do mob missions, eeeeEEEEEEEE. Personal favourite!

And finally,

I’d like to present a game which i think was the ONLY computer game that DT and me EVER had in common. Where we would try to beat each other in the name of fun, and not scorn 😀 Yes it was a two player game too..guess which one














Now shut it, DT

EDIT : DT became too old to remember the name; It’s ROLLCAGE baby!

Mind you, LOT of the games discussed here have become Abandonware (they’ve been abandoned lol)

So they’re completely free to download and use at your own risk.

With this, i leave you all for now! I’ll be back soon.

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4 Responses to OLD GAMES PART II (Part 2)

  1. T. Dan says:

    Fuck how i used to kick your ass in that last game. funny thing is i dont remember the name. Starts with R i know.

    • RB says:

      Rollcage re badakow..how you’ll forget. And which world you came from? Before every game you’d be all haughty and ‘bring it on’. And when we sat to play, remember how you’d say “Go easy on me baap.” ? Liar! haahahahah

  2. Tan D. says:

    coming back to the original point…. SELLOUT BASTARD WHAT A SHIT POST

  3. den24 says:

    Most of the old games RULE, dont get me wrong i have every console out.. however i still feal like somethings missing from the newer games :s, the old games were games you could emerce your self in and enjoy the gameplay.. most of these new games dont have the same feel or the same atmosphere (DukeNukem Forever for example) 😦 :(.

    give me an old game anyday! 🙂

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