and then..and then she shopped up her credit card into tiny pieces..

I never understood the necessity to keep buying new clothes. What’s wrong with the old ones? What is it with girls and shopping?

Is it some (satisfying) feeling of owning something new? Is it the feeling of looking nice and different to others?

Or a feeling of “This is what we do! Let’s go, guuurlfraiiinds! 😀 ” ?

Here’s a recent conversation with a dear friend of mine, whom i had the chance to talk to after a long period of time :


Vydika: Shopping! 🙂


no one ever gets me bounty.

Vydika: Don’t disturb. Sale. Bye.

me: :O

I still don’t know if she meant ‘sale’ as in something being sold at a discount OR the fewer lettered form of the hindi swear word, ”saaaalee”. But i could sense the passion and “dont disturb me” – ness, in her abrupt command.

So for scientific research purposes, i put forward a simple question to my fellow feminine fellowines and got ay replies.


ZE QUESTION : Why do you, as a girl, like shopping?
  • Raisa : Thats an impossible contradiction. How can such a question have a simple/small answer?
  • Ettihasi : It’s time pass yaar.
  • Saloni : Umm. Cuz it makes me feel pretty. Hahahaha
  • Mariyam : I think its fun. Like new clothes/accessories give you a good feeling! And then trends keep changing. So you need to upgrade everyone once in a while!
  • Rithika : erm…to take the edge off.
  • Shrutipudi : Buying things always makes me feel better. Some people are
    stress-eaters. I’m a stress shopper. Takes your mind off things. Damn
    straight, gurlfriend. Mm hm.
  • Indu : Feels good to buy new things.
  • Zaira : I dont particularly like shopping unless i need something 😐
  • Madiha : Its a nice feeling…to have what you want?
  • Nandita : Because its the best thing to do after a few beers in club 8. I’m being cool for the blog.
  • Meghna : Cause it means something new that i love and can show off.
  • Megha : But i do not…umm maybe ppl like shoppin coz everytime they are out, they see pretty things and they can buy in, own those interesting things.
  • Bhavyaz : I guess I just like getting new things.
  • Spoorthi : No i wont tell. Something n all you’ll put on your blog.
  • Manusha : Because its exciting and fun and relaxing and when you find something awesome and you buy it excitement comes! Oo and did I already mention that its exciting?! 😀
  • Vydika : Cos we like shoes and clothes loads, and shopping mostly includes stuff like that. And also the more we spend the more happiness it brings us. Anything else?
  • Sahitya : Shopping?!! oh the very word has made my day! and it’s a tough one..clothes, shoes, bags, etc etc..EDIT : She sent another message :
  • Sahitya : Oh wait i’ll add more stuff…perfumes, jewelery, cosmetic, accessories..! (RB’s note : i think she likes shopping)
At this point i was like “hmm..interesting replies. Looks like girls DO feel good about themselves acquiring new clothes”. So for more scientific research ( and mostly to irritate them for hilarity), I asked some GUY friends :
Why do you, as a guy, like shopping?
  • Dhruvie : Bite me
  • Vignesh : Who the fuck gave you that idea? If its Kenny who’s telling you shit about me, let me know
  • Joy : Rohit, get back to work.
  • Nishu : Shiny shiny new new things i like
  • Vishalgaru : I like surprising people with gifts.
  • Paadi (joy’s bro) : Hahahah. New stuff. Quenches materialism temporarily.
  • Abhishekgaru : Coz, helps me start afresh…the old is discarded.
  • Ancoosch : Cause rohit bandaru cant shop for himself.
  • Adnan : I’m positive. I don’t like shopping. I do it only when it’s required.
  • Shank : Who the Fuck told u i liked shopping! I dont get sizes. i have to go to like the whole fucking city! I like to watch the chicks try the new levis shape jeans though!
  • Nivesh : i dont like shopping…??
  • Jango : Shop only when i’m in need of something or, if i have money to spend then things that interest me. i.e. Knives, and aircraft parts etc.
  • Ibbu : I dont like it.
  • Vosu : depends whatever i need. i don’t go shopping because i like it.
  • Arfandu : I only shop out of necessity…blog question FAIL! (RB’s Note : STOP USING “FAIL” YOU BASKET)
  • Nina : I like shopping only for groceries and electronics. Groceries, to check their expiry, for some reason and electronics because i can never actually buy them.
  • Akhilmama : Guys will get a chance to pick something for once as opposed to being picked by girls.
  • Summie : Baap…i really detest shopping..If i like shopping for any reason, its if it is just for someone else.
  • Chaitu : I dont like shopping re..why only i’ll like shopping kathe?

Such waste answers! As expected, guys either just vehemently deny it , or reply jestly, or make fun of others 😀 what a waste of research! Why can’t they take the question seriously like the girls did :>

Aaah i lub you guys


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7 Responses to and then..and then she shopped up her credit card into tiny pieces..

  1. StormInATeaCup says:

    Vishal never bought me anything. Liar.
    And Nivesh, make up your mind, ra.

    I ❤ Ancoo.

    Kitteh! Puppeh!

    • RB says:

      Ancoo is just misguided. Vishal brings us a daily surprise to ramser in the form of…himself! We thought he’d never finish his afternoon pardying man.
      Nivesh is just shy yaa! He’s not used to questioning
      Kitteh is chilling on puppey. aww

    • Anonymous says:

      Just for the record, I said ‘impossible contradiction’ to your msg saying “Simple question requiring small answer”. How can such a question have a simple/small answer?
      Hence my statement.
      And how the hell do you post comments on this bloody thing.

  2. Corpo S. says:

    vishal is sooo gay, like, omg.

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