iiiii waaan it thaataway

TELL ME WHAY! ; Ain’ nothin’ but a miiistake

Don’t we all miss them. Justin Bieber has nothing on them maaan. Backstreet Boys were the original poopies.

INCEPTION : I pose a question to you guys.

Remember the sequence of events?

  • Saito dies
  • Fischer gets shot by Mal.
  • Cobb and ariadne go into limbo and get Fischer back.
  • Fischer then opens the safe and cries, they all ride the kick back out, yada yada.
  • Cobb goes and gets an old Saito out from limbo.

My question is, When they wake up on the plane, how could Saito OR Cobb know that the job was completed in order for Saito to make the phone call?

You =






Me = 





Also, it’s optional for you to imagine me in this white stormtrooper suit. Whatever rocks your boat :>

In other news, life has returned back to normal, with the return of the RB. I’m not praising his amazing sense of humor, or his bodylicious body. He just bloody missed ramser yo!

I have no idea what to write about.

Turkey was very cold. So i gave up non-veg cold turkey 😀

A picture (three pictures combined) that i took from the terrace on Sankranti! Click on it to unleash its true size!

I’m board. Will post another one soon.


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