‘You get off when i tell you to get off’ – Dhruv

and No, the situation wasn’t me and dhruv on a bus. It was just a whatsapp msg from him, Mr.Delhiite. Also, nothing happened, so calm down πŸ˜€


We’ve always shared this love-hat…actually it was more like a love-love relationship, with dhruv constantly striving towards coming out of the closet.


Here’s a topic i wanted to talk about.

The cupboard where clothes are stored. (amongst other incriminating stuff).

Me and a friend were chit-chotting about the amount of clothes we own. So i sent a general pic of mine to her. She replied with “give me your cupboard space. All that empty space. Give meeee now! NOWWW!”

….or something along those lines πŸ˜›

I was puzzled obviously, because i always thought i had a fairly decent amount of clothes and needed to get rid of some. And then i got her pic, which made my day. Lets call herΒ ANONY3

I’d then asked a couple of people to take a photo of their cupboard the way it was and send it to me, so that i could put them up for everyone to see. But as i promised, the people will remain ANONYMOUS :] Β I dont think i need to tell whether it’s a guys or a girls, right?

Still, not many sent. bleddy. I would heartily like to thenk those who sent from the bottom of my hort.


I was seriously trying to get rid of clothes, until i saw her cupboard. And now i lol everytime i see mine πŸ˜€

Also, those white polka dotted shorts aren’t mine. Someone set me up.



Hey look at that, a tie. No wait…3 ties. And shirts on hangers like they’ve been recently used and going to be reused. Notty fellow. Also, for you ladies out there,

*he likes soft romantic music (just scroll through his ipod),

*neatness of beard =/= tidyness of cupboard,

*he’ll play football with you and will allow your leg to be broken by him, and then yell “WHY PLAYING SO PANSY?!”

Hit me up for more details


Aaaaaallright i’ll give you this one. He just came back from out-of-country, so he not be carrying anything. The plane in the picture signifies that his flight is soon.

ANONY3: πŸ˜€

okay OKAY this is interesting. As you can see, i’ve poasted the pic received, of the clothes, which shows 2 rows of three columns in each row

BUT, after a lengthier conversation, i’ve found out that, there are more clothes; beHIND these!

Another six columns to be added! πŸ˜€

Bad 3D Drawing inserted for visual explanation :

Apparently she has over 6500 clothes!

That was obviously fake, but its fun to guess!


This one confused me quite a bit. I wondered where the clothes went. And more like, how the cupboard opened :S


Also another cheater. Just came from out of town for a while though.


Hmm it seems to be quite lacking. Where are all the clothes? These definitely cant be all of them! πŸ˜€


On the occasion of World Chocolate Mousse day, i would like to present a few images of some of the same. Who likes them more than brownies? HUH? WHO RE THAT FELLOW IS.



So we have to sit here and look at these pics, while having the wonderful ability of not-being-able-to-acquire-them-ness? How shitty this world is.

Oh look a chocolate mouse :p

no wait..mice.


I recently was booking a flight on spicejet. (Actually, after reading the following, i didn’t) :p

Go to their online website and you’ll get a dose of “WHAAAT?” (click to open in new window).

Atleast they’re being brutally honest πŸ˜€

White ninja!

I havn’t seen such retarded faces in a long time such as in the picture below.

But the heroin reference was awesomely shitty.

Wogay see you guys for now. PMS me (personal message me) for topics for me to write about!

Until later, LOU!


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