Deep thoughts…deep deep thoughts

lol not really

She’s ‘bear’ly touching the floor. But an amazing picture, i say!

Speaking of BEARS,

As you know, i post the exact response i get. ‘Bear’ing that in mind 😛

“Why would a guy choose a Teddybear over you?”

Zaira – He wouldn’t.   😀

Pavie – “He wouldn’t”

Shruti – He wouldn’t.

Raisa – He wouldn’t.

Nadia – He wouldn’t. Next question.

DittlesTheSkittles – Because i’m not cuddly enough 😦

Spoorthi – Bcoz he prefers women who are toned and hence won’t be a good huggable option. 😛

Radhika – Cause maybe the teddy bear doesn’t talk and i do! Lots of rubbish!

Nandita – What? A guy would choose a teddy bear over me?

Rithika – Because he likes bear meat?

Megha – Umm if he doesnt get any hugs from me..oh wait. also some fellas have weird way of..umm u know doin it

Veda – I don’t know why and all. But teddy bears remind me of anil kapoor! 😛

Manusha – Cos hes gay!!

Poornima – Beats me

Purnima – Soft and cuddly and doesn’t talk

Deej – Coz i wld snap back each time he wanted to cuddle?!

Sahitya – NO! Get to work. NOW!

Ettihasci – Just to express how much he hates u.

Shelly – A guy would never choose a teddybear over me 😉


“Why would a girl choose a Teddybear over you?”

Dhruv – A teddybear lasts longer in bed

Ancoo – Cause it’s already bare…lol

Sunny – God promise i don’t know

Thamma – I know why a girl chose me!

Kenny – Cuz they can get a new one anytime?

Paadi – They would’nt, cause i have same amount of fur

Summie  – Teddybears would only listen to their problems..not tell them what to do to solve  the problem

Nihar – Who knows bey, they shave eyebrows and draw them on again. How should i know why they’d choose that over this fine, sexy thing that is me. Oh, i told you ah? One of my friends thought teddybears existed before. He said ‘Yeah, ok, i know they’re extinct now’ haha <——-wat

Jango – Hahaha. Um i guess they are more cuddly.

Viggy – Cuz they’re easier to “accessorize”

Kattamuri! – No clue!!! Why?

Joy – Cos they’re good listeners 😛

Ibbu – Retard

Rohit rao – Because it hugs

Shashank – They never did, actually!

Arya – Shashank says Stfup!

Srinath – I’m not answering that. But since you’ve made me curious, i thinks its because teddy is very bearable.

Abhi – Because it’s safer to kick one in the baalz

Nishu – Aah you’ll have to ask my ex her reasons

RamReddy – She wouldn’t. haha

RalBandaru – Hmm. I was going to say the teddy bear is furry, but that would be me as well

Soma – A girl wouldn’t choose a teddy bear over me baap! But if she does, then it’ll probably be bcos she can make the teddy bear do whatever she wants it to do.

Bear with me on this 😀

Nothing else to pen. Will post more nonsense soon! lou


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2 Responses to Deep thoughts…deep deep thoughts

  1. Shrullex says:

    Yeah. Blow Horn, Rohilla.

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