iiiii waaan it thaataway

TELL ME WHAY! ; Ain’ nothin’ but a miiistake

Don’t we all miss them. Justin Bieber has nothing on them maaan. Backstreet Boys were the original poopies.

INCEPTION : I pose a question to you guys.

Remember the sequence of events?

  • Saito dies
  • Fischer gets shot by Mal.
  • Cobb and ariadne go into limbo and get Fischer back.
  • Fischer then opens the safe and cries, they all ride the kick back out, yada yada.
  • Cobb goes and gets an old Saito out from limbo.

My question is, When they wake up on the plane, how could Saito OR Cobb know that the job was completed in order for Saito to make the phone call?

You =






Me = 





Also, it’s optional for you to imagine me in this white stormtrooper suit. Whatever rocks your boat :>

In other news, life has returned back to normal, with the return of the RB. I’m not praising his amazing sense of humor, or his bodylicious body. He just bloody missed ramser yo!

I have no idea what to write about.

Turkey was very cold. So i gave up non-veg cold turkey 😀

A picture (three pictures combined) that i took from the terrace on Sankranti! Click on it to unleash its true size!

I’m board. Will post another one soon.


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and then..and then she shopped up her credit card into tiny pieces..

I never understood the necessity to keep buying new clothes. What’s wrong with the old ones? What is it with girls and shopping?

Is it some (satisfying) feeling of owning something new? Is it the feeling of looking nice and different to others?

Or a feeling of “This is what we do! Let’s go, guuurlfraiiinds! 😀 ” ?

Here’s a recent conversation with a dear friend of mine, whom i had the chance to talk to after a long period of time :


Vydika: Shopping! 🙂


no one ever gets me bounty.

Vydika: Don’t disturb. Sale. Bye.

me: :O

I still don’t know if she meant ‘sale’ as in something being sold at a discount OR the fewer lettered form of the hindi swear word, ”saaaalee”. But i could sense the passion and “dont disturb me” – ness, in her abrupt command.

So for scientific research purposes, i put forward a simple question to my fellow feminine fellowines and got ay replies.


ZE QUESTION : Why do you, as a girl, like shopping?
  • Raisa : Thats an impossible contradiction. How can such a question have a simple/small answer?
  • Ettihasi : It’s time pass yaar.
  • Saloni : Umm. Cuz it makes me feel pretty. Hahahaha
  • Mariyam : I think its fun. Like new clothes/accessories give you a good feeling! And then trends keep changing. So you need to upgrade everyone once in a while!
  • Rithika : erm…to take the edge off.
  • Shrutipudi : Buying things always makes me feel better. Some people are
    stress-eaters. I’m a stress shopper. Takes your mind off things. Damn
    straight, gurlfriend. Mm hm.
  • Indu : Feels good to buy new things.
  • Zaira : I dont particularly like shopping unless i need something 😐
  • Madiha : Its a nice feeling…to have what you want?
  • Nandita : Because its the best thing to do after a few beers in club 8. I’m being cool for the blog.
  • Meghna : Cause it means something new that i love and can show off.
  • Megha : But i do not…umm maybe ppl like shoppin coz everytime they are out, they see pretty things and they can buy them..as in, own those interesting things.
  • Bhavyaz : I guess I just like getting new things.
  • Spoorthi : No i wont tell. Something n all you’ll put on your blog.
  • Manusha : Because its exciting and fun and relaxing and when you find something awesome and you buy it excitement comes! Oo and did I already mention that its exciting?! 😀
  • Vydika : Cos we like shoes and clothes loads, and shopping mostly includes stuff like that. And also the more we spend the more happiness it brings us. Anything else?
  • Sahitya : Shopping?!! oh the very word has made my day! and it’s a tough one..clothes, shoes, bags, etc etc..EDIT : She sent another message :
  • Sahitya : Oh wait i’ll add more stuff…perfumes, jewelery, cosmetic, accessories..! (RB’s note : i think she likes shopping)
At this point i was like “hmm..interesting replies. Looks like girls DO feel good about themselves acquiring new clothes”. So for more scientific research ( and mostly to irritate them for hilarity), I asked some GUY friends :
Why do you, as a guy, like shopping?
  • Dhruvie : Bite me
  • Vignesh : Who the fuck gave you that idea? If its Kenny who’s telling you shit about me, let me know
  • Joy : Rohit, get back to work.
  • Nishu : Shiny shiny new new things i like
  • Vishalgaru : I like surprising people with gifts.
  • Paadi (joy’s bro) : Hahahah. New stuff. Quenches materialism temporarily.
  • Abhishekgaru : Coz, helps me start afresh…the old is discarded.
  • Ancoosch : Cause rohit bandaru cant shop for himself.
  • Adnan : I’m positive. I don’t like shopping. I do it only when it’s required.
  • Shank : Who the Fuck told u i liked shopping! I dont get sizes. i have to go to like the whole fucking city! I like to watch the chicks try the new levis shape jeans though!
  • Nivesh : i dont like shopping…??
  • Jango : Shop only when i’m in need of something or, if i have money to spend then things that interest me. i.e. Knives, and aircraft parts etc.
  • Ibbu : I dont like it.
  • Vosu : depends whatever i need. i don’t go shopping because i like it.
  • Arfandu : I only shop out of necessity…blog question FAIL! (RB’s Note : STOP USING “FAIL” YOU BASKET)
  • Nina : I like shopping only for groceries and electronics. Groceries, to check their expiry, for some reason and electronics because i can never actually buy them.
  • Akhilmama : Guys will get a chance to pick something for once as opposed to being picked by girls.
  • Summie : Baap…i really detest shopping..If i like shopping for any reason, its if it is just for someone else.
  • Chaitu : I dont like shopping re..why only i’ll like shopping kathe?

Such waste answers! As expected, guys either just vehemently deny it , or reply jestly, or make fun of others 😀 what a waste of research! Why can’t they take the question seriously like the girls did :>

Aaah i lub you guys


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AAAAAND here’s another edition of Pre-2000 games.

For those who missed the last edition, press “View previous Post” at the end of this page  😛

Or just look at the Recent Posts, to the right.

And so we get on with it.

MYST (1993)

An old puzzle game with artistic scenarios. Click, click, clickety, click your way to overcoming those hurdles.

DUKE NUKEM (1991, 1993,1996)

Duke nukem 1 :

Duke Nukem 2 :

Duke Nukem 3D :

Aah Duke nukem.


By far one of the BEST games made, imo. I still play it now. Simple, funny, fun and the best part : Evil triumphs over Good  >:D

BLOOD (1997)

Hahah. A fun game introduced to me by my dear cousin Abhi. It has a bit of blood in it, mind you. But monsters are monsters. Must do away with them all 😀

INTERSTATE 76 (1997)

Interstate 76! Before we got our hands on this, we had played the next release, Interstate 82.

Such a fun mix of driving on the road, off the road WHILE shooting at cars and people, getting shot at, driving over landmines and what not. Every mildly violent racer kid’s dream. For the same genre but with more violence, check out Carmageddon 😀

MDK (1997)

MDK meaning Murder Death Kill (lovingly called so by its fans), was very different from the other games. Amazing backgrounds, abstract architecture, and a unique style of gaming. I loved playing it. and still do play it 😛


Flyyy around in a helicopter at a fixed altitude and shoot at stuff. Combine that with various weapons and powerups. Noice fun!

OUTLAWS (1997)

Shoot the chickens! Shoot the chicken!! This game had brilliant gameplay mixed with the characters being drawn in a comic sorta way, giving it a somewhat authentic feel.


This game was so HICK and cool like how HICK HOP is. Watch that alcohol level, baby. Gotta keep it high. or low..i dont remember lol


I loved this game! Destroy those BMTs and T80s..damn i’ve going to get this game again. Memories!


Just a time pass game :p


Who doesn’t remember this game? I’m guessing everyone. It wasn’t very famous, mainly played by KKND Extreme fans and coupla others.


Oh man, another game that was so addictive that i still play it even now. TRAAANSFORM from walker into hovercar. Do missions, play arena against the computer, kickass!


Hovercar hovercar I’m a hovercar!

ROAD RASH 3D (1998)

lol Road Rash. Endless fun 😀

“Dont forget the grandma…AH NICE GOOD ONE BAAP!”

*Thumps back*

GTA2 (1998)

Grab guns, drive over people, shoot them, blow up cop cars, do mob missions, eeeeEEEEEEEE. Personal favourite!

And finally,

I’d like to present a game which i think was the ONLY computer game that DT and me EVER had in common. Where we would try to beat each other in the name of fun, and not scorn 😀 Yes it was a two player game too..guess which one














Now shut it, DT

EDIT : DT became too old to remember the name; It’s ROLLCAGE baby!

Mind you, LOT of the games discussed here have become Abandonware (they’ve been abandoned lol)

So they’re completely free to download and use at your own risk.

With this, i leave you all for now! I’ll be back soon.

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Old Games part two!

Another addition of Old Games! And i have a few of them here. So now, this is :


There should be atleast one or two games that make you go “OOOOH I REMEMBER THAAAT!”. If not,you clearly didn’t game too much, pre-2000 😀

MARIO (1985)

This one goes waaaay back! And the best part is that, it still is crazy fun / addictive even now.


Mario – Wat. the. fack.


This was one game where losing or winning didn’t matter. Just send someone to kill/be killed and watch the interesting battle animation. I remember the way the Rooks transformed from walls into creatures in order to move hahaha


I/we had never really been fans of commander keen, because we’d be playing other Side-scrolling games such as Biomenace or Prince of persia 3D more. But this is a great series of games.

A-10 TANK KILLER (1991)

So old..So very old. Nishu and nihar would remember this one 😀

We’d play this on his Pentium 386, baaaaaaaarely able to make out shapes and figures (Because we had a black and white monitor). But it still was SO much fun compared to cricket.


Who doesn’t remember this one? 😀

Absolute classic 🙂

DOOM (1993)

Oh man…one of the few games that terrified me during my childhood. Bad graphics, SMOOTH animation, Brilliant storyline, and a handsome face looking back at you from the HUD. what more do you need 😛

But this game was one of the only games that gave me nightmares of “Imagine being in that place, man”. Those hordes of enemies…gah

HERETIC (1994)

Well this was supposed to be fun to play, but it wasn’t so much. I keep confusing Heretic with Hexen weirdly.


The very first command and conquer game! We got hooked onto C&C Red Alert before even trying out this game. Anyhoo, C&C RA was out of this world, so it didn’t matter 😀

DESCENT (1995)

I think this was one of the first games i played in which i could actually look around the entire room, from top to bottom. Arrow keys to move, A & Z to move front and back, and Ctrl or Space to fire. Aah thats the shit.

Rise Of The Triad (1995)

We used to play this game alongside Doom and Wolf 3D (we had them all installed later). It had better graphics, and FUN weapons 😀

Drunken missile launcher, Magic weapons, and a lot of gore 🙂


This was a neat, nice and fun game with crispy smooth graphics. It was pretty straightforward to play, as with every side scrolling game. You get pushed ahead, killing and collecting and finally meet a boss. But it had nuuuumerous weapon selections. Oh and also orbiting shields, engine upgrades, etc…I liked it 😀


Ahahahah DD2. Only played the demo, but it was fun, though with very amateur handling. Anyway, the whole point of the game was to just bang into others and either eliminate all or try to race and win (pretty much like carmageddon, only, you DON’T feel empty if you only race and win). Truthfully, we raced only about 2/100 times. The rest of the times were just derbies!  T’was a bit hard i must say.


Very few would remember this game. Fun gameplay, but choppy graphics. But it involved driving fast, killing people and killing cars! Sold!

This shall be the end of OLD GAMES PART II (Part 1) 😀

The next part has more recent games which people played / still play, but still Pre-2000 🙂

Until then!

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must laugh

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Louder than sneezing in a bus full of nuns

O hi dere.

I realise i’m taking more and more gaps between postings, but dont you guys worry; i’m just collecting material in that meantime for a new post. And so, i thought i’d share some of the things i’ve seen recently. I havn’t been going out much due to boredom and lack of external possible enjoyment opportunities. So i’ve been browsing quite a bit. Oh and btw, i got internet at home again! 😀  How nice.

Adnaan’s gone back to New Yorkshire place, and Ancoo’s gone to New Zoolander. Both of them confessed before they left  that they were sick of staying in old places. But unsurprisingly, both of them are back for a visit within 3 months.

Here’s garu and adnan expressing lou.

But then as usual, they both get hyper and start showing off their strength on us weaker mortals.

But one of these days, they’ll get what’s coming to them. A person who has challenged Adnan to a fitness-off will come back to Hyderabad soon and fitness-whoop his ass!

And as for garu, hmm..he’ll just get married. Then i’ve no need for revenge 😛


There are so many questions that are just dying to get responded to and my yahoo account has been acting just insane from quite a while. Here are a few insights into the problems i’m having. And btw, this account was made in 1999, the first internet account i ever made.

-Yahoo had somehow changed my age recently, and had showed that i was born in 1999.

-That was fine, because it only showed that i had some 4 years to go before i turned 13 and i could participate in Yahoo Answers.

-That was until i recently checked up and found a new change :

Okay NOW, yahoo is just fucking around with me for fun. What the heck??



Okay i got just one reply after all the people i sent it to, but i’m not pissed. It was a rather time consuming exercise which generates no glory. But it does generate laughs.

Okay the original :

and an example :

I got a reply from Shruti, and she made two!






Robin is just nasty. NASTY, i tell you. Although Bruce asked for it.



I can picture SO many people doing this.




okay i’m lying. This topic isnt about monkey secks,

But it has the next best thing! Monkey masturbation! In a very….different way. (Note : you could replace different with disturbing)




Here we go again. Here are some more of the ‘WordPress Searches’ that led people to this very blog.

– rana daggubati body
– naikd fimayls
– hinduizam sex
– “have you forgotten so easily?” the subj
– someone unconscious
– someone betraying you
– vydika rao
– raping vampire
– bulla bulla crap crap
The second search was just mind boggling. How did that lead to the blog??


GUESS WHICH GAME I’M CURRENTLY PLAYING! You need to be alert and you can conquer by commanding.
You guessed right!
After ages and ages, i get reacquainted with this masterpiece which brings back fond memories of Prism tanks, Chrono-troopers, apocalypse tanks and the nuuumerous tactics that we used. I found a blog that showed the list of games that can run on a netbook (like mine), and this was one of them! YAY (bah).

THATS all people. Until next time,

You’re all just morans. MORANS! I laaaaaugh at you.
I shall be back soon with an installment of Old Cartoons in and around our time. see ya!
I’ve just received an email from vishalgaru, it would be nice if you guys could just check it out once. He owns Pushpagiri Eye Institute and its doing wonders right now!
thats the link, do fill up a simple form and you can have saved someone’s vision! Literally. I’ve signed up too. Go go go.
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That musicky feeling that always surrounds you..

Its just gas.
Music played in public places :
This is easy :
Its chindi everywhere. Chiiinnnndi.
Here in vizag, the family went to a slightly posh restaurant called Tycoon filled with loads of business people. Conversations kept getting interrupted by a random tracklist filled with songs varying from “Chicago – Dying In Your Arms Tonight”  to “Backstreet Boys – Everybody”. It was very evident they had music for the sake of having music.
And then in Hyderabad i go to a shop in a mall and suddenly i’m listening to heavy bhangra. Especially when i enter shops like OyPappaeyNation. Makes me want to do something random to the shirt that i’m trying out. But nothing dirty. Nooooo, nothing dirty at all re.
Malls: Now that i think about it, i’ve never really listened to the music played in malls in general, but my sources tells me they’re all generally upbeat pop-ish songs. This topic has got me thinking…i’m going to listen more to music being played around me.
Clubs: Places like club8, hard rock aren’t clubs. So this sentence along with the previous one are in the wrong topic. Clubs like feepeey, Bottles and chimneys have…wait, i’m still not sure if those are clubs too. Lets just consider Liquids. Liquids plays house..veeery loud house and is always so full that you cant even enter, let alone dance. When the night is done, you have to wash off the sweat of 40 random strangers off your body 🙂 I’ve been there only once and have not listened to the music. Just watched how…waste people can be. Then we have TenD, which is a fuuun place whenever its not swamped by googliites. But usually TenD plays very good and relate-able music. I’m not a frequenter. Everyone i know, knows about 10D more than me, so ask yourself!
Bars: I guess Club8 and Feepey and such fall into this category. Quite a much of rock.
Chai shops: Baha! No music for you in chai shops! The owner prefers to have silent music playing. You can have your own sound by using your phone or ipod+dock, although the latter isnt commonly used in chai shops.
So i conclude that music varies from establishment to establishment. I would sometimes not want to listen to hard rock in hard rock cafe. I’d love to listen to my kinda music wherever i go. So i guess that, i would want my kind of music being played wherever i go. Does that apply to everyone? Or would you guys not mind leaving the choice of music to the establishment.


You have disgraced our family, son.



On a new topic,


As a few of you know, i had visited vizag for some family reasons. I show you a few things i had captured…which were quite fenny.


Okay officer, i shall not bring my Toy transformer robot into hand luggage due to its obvious dangerous and deadly natur– BAHAH im just playing along officer…oh you’re not joking….. wat.


Something funny i found online 🙂




with louu

Kindly excuse the short post, will get back with another soonie!

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