A little kick here, aaaand a little blood there

Hi fellows!

I started off my week with the question/thought/statement

“Imagine placing a large rusted nail between your toe and toenail, and then kicking the wall as hard as you can! Any thoughts?”

Thaaaat was a statement i sms’d, emailed and asked people randomly! I got a smattering of replies, none too excited, though. And no, i didn’t get it from any gore movie.

I always keep whacking my toe against the leg of some table or the sharp edge of the wall. What happens is that, something hits the split between my toe and the…small toe beside it? Yep that’s the one! and then it hurts.

Okay its not as bad as this guy got it.

This is a spider bite, by the Brown Recluse spider. aaaaargh!

Hate spiders.


Remember when some of you said that you don’t want to even imagine it?

WELL, here’s a visual demonstration / Guide to displacing your Toenail!

Reactions to Guide:

  • Raisa – Fuuuuukkewwww you’re such a deviant, Rohit. Ew Ew
  • Zaira:/ Why would you do that?
  • Sahitya – Ouch *^#^**$?$%&
  • Veda – I want to go throw up. Thanks!
  • Kenny – Fuck Roba. That is disturbing on too many levels :/
  • Indu – Ouch for the poor aiyo who tried it and describes it in such detail 😛
  • Nihar – Damn nice. Thats probably how Samara Morgan removes her nails when she’s not climbing up that well.
  • Aishu – Dont even want to imagine
  • Vishal reddy – Imagine a cat trying 2 comb ur hair wid a fish bone and one of its whiskers fall int2 ur eyes…Any thoughts on dat
  • Dtey – I’ll take it over this. (Poor dtey just had an operation)
  • Radhika – Hahahahaha…Such a bloody gross sight that’ll be..
  • Sumanth – Spine shivering thought
  • Nishu – I might be wrong, but I think that’s what they did to Jesus. He kicked pretty hard.
  • Varsha – Ouch 😛
  • Ettihasi – Only you have the time to invest in such thoughts!
  • Spoorthi – Ouchhhhh!!! Screammmm *dies*. Sadistic idiot u r..Ul go to hell for this. Sorry u r atheist heaven n hell dsnt exist for u. But it does for me. So u r going to hell
  • Megha – i cannot think of anything smart…first reaction *shivers* OUCH!
  • Arfandu – You
  • Manusha – Ouch. And why do you imagine such things? And now its just stuck in my head   -.-   now YOU imagine being injected with HCL! Muhahahahaahaha
  • Srinath – It reminds me of korn’s video..m sure you watched it.
  • Shruti – No.
  • Viggy –  I would never ever want to inflict pain upon myself or anyone for that matter. Jesus Christ would not approve of it! (wtf…he’s temil brahmin)
  • Isha – Ouch.
  • Nivesh – how about i just squish ur nuts instead???
  • Jango – Rohit bandaru you’re a gandu.
  • Ibbu – It will something like what adnaan did at football night in the function hall with some blood and a missing nail.
  • Joylu – Rey too much hookah you had today?
  • Naren – A lot of pain, i guess.
  • Paadi – Abbbba….ouch.
  • Ancooshu – faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahq
  • Shank – Mind fucked
  • Abhi – There’s be a lot of tomato sauce flying around.
  • Alok – Yep…My first thought was to kill you for making me grimace
I went to delhi recently, with dearest Joy by my side. We had the best beer (other than Goa’s kings)at Rockman’s, but unfortunately we had Dhruv and Vishalgaru for company.
They usually act like hard assed professionals, but once they get drunk, they get so whacky and funnieee you won’t remember that one of them was ranked 150 out of two lakh people in eamcet and the other was from IIM-A.  “ooOOOoo IIM so sexy.”
PICKS from delhi!
And obviously,
some insane beeeeer and foooood!
I had this crazy idea to help people who keep fumbling / complaining about the complexities of draping a sari around themselves. One friend (a female), wasn’t sure about wearing a sari to a function because she was scared that, in case it became loose, she wouldn’t know how to fix it. So i thought of idea!
…actually if you think about it, this really wouldn’t work.
Unless she got HOOKED ONTO IT
😀 bahahahaaah
okay sorry
My latest hookah! I got it from dear friend Dhruvie who, without ANY clue about hookahs, managed to pick the best one i’ve acquired so far. And its a dual pipe shisha!
This makes it a total of 3 hookahs with me
Until later!
P.s. Give me anything to write about. Anything non-serious 😀
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4 Responses to A little kick here, aaaand a little blood there

  1. Hello rohit, whats up ?

  2. Mojojo says:

    My hookah is better than your’s.

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