HI one and all. This post isnt about much, by the way. Just a random post about a question posed to a group of friends.
I got an amazing set of responses! They’re all with mixed emotions and just like a dear friend just commented, a few answers were by “Some crazy hormone driven ppl”

The question : “What do you think of PETA? Truthfully”

Vishalgaru – Too much glitz

Raisa – I want to join

Rithika – People strip for animals. Its creepy.

Vignesh – For all those naked women i’ll pretend i care about fur

Ibbu Kill them all. First kill their president. Then kill all stray dogs.

Manusha – A big fake sham

Megha – Im not sure about a carnivore but for otherwise, they doing a good thing..trying to be current and spread awareness..commercially

Nandita – Um just somewhat, I like eating chicken and all.

Nishu – They’re alright i guess..I mean..its good when they argue for proper treatment of animals in farms..but the anti fur things and stuff like that, i dont really care about

Vichitra – Um…They have good intentions?

Dhruvie – I like nude celebrities. Go peta

Sowmya – Why bother about PETA re

Nihar – Peta, Sweater Pehno

Veda – Its good that they like animals enough that they want to protect them


Madiha – Its for an amazing cause…but its not given enough importance

Spoorthi – I dont really care about animals but i’m glad someone else does.

Shrutipudi – I applaud them for getting Khloe Kardashian to pose nude for them. They convinced her by just showing her some chickens being sold at a Japanese market. Like how they would be in any other market. And then she proceeded to get veal and what not for dinner that night. And discussed passionately about how much she cared for animals suddenly. Posing nude did that to her, it seems.

Kenny – I love their ads man. The women are killer. Period

Kashif – I’m a Peta person. I think we need more of it

Sumanth – Nice organisation…Good method of operation..But i dont know, i feel blue cross gets more work done than PETA

Anku – Ask me tomorrow, i’ll tell. I dunno re..anything..I just know it has a good name

Arfan – Good guys maybe. Id support them for a few things like against hunting for pleasure, torture, fur, skin trade and all. Yes i’m non veg, bhoi.

Mihika – They dont publicise the actual brutality that animals face as much as they publicise about which celebrity they attacked for wearing fur. Yesterday in the riots in hyderabad, cow sheds were set on fire. Where was PETA then? What is it doing about it now?

Shashank – Are you talking about People for ethical treatment of animals?

hahahaha! The Old school replies were just Typical

Anyway here’s some PETEyecandy for both genders out there






And of course, we have other posters too :


And then we have some enthusiasts who really must learn about priorities :


Aaaanyway, enough Peta-harassment from me.



Her English is just awesome!



Eheehahaha Okay then, thanks to everyone who assisted.. i’m sorry if i harangued and petarrogated you.

😀 until lyatar, buoy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nihaaaaaaaaar!! killer fellow =)

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