Newsflash : Guilty fruit salad seller taken into custardy

Last post date : 15/7/2011

Wow, it’s been close to seven months since i last wrote irrelevant nonsense. It’s not that i didn’t have any material. Work and after-work-laziness have been very distracting, and this very laziness would compel me to do nothing about doing anything productive about extracurricular areas of personal interest (lol). Productive things may include making funny peepadeepada-poopada-music, learning a musical instrument, jogging, tap dancing, playing more games, etc

As you guys know, i take photos of / acquire things that interest me, and i write about them

I write about them because my own thoughts are / imagination is pretty mundane. They don’t always make sense, but ai don’t care!



That should get everyones attention! Famous throughout Marredpally, the combination of Irani Chai + Chicken 65 and roti + smokes (not that i smoke) (EDIT : or do i now?) at Cafe Ramser is something that is just out of this world. Or is it just me?

What i’m proud about ramser is that they are expanding Cuisine-wise. They always had just chai, osmania biscuits, lukhmi, mirchi bajji, etc. Soon, they started serving breakfast which includes just Puri and sabzi. And NOW, They have Tandooris, chinese as well. Note : they’ve been serving Chicken65, chicken fry, liver fry, fish fry, etc for about two decades now.

The Chicken65 section of Cuisine is not owned or controlled by the management of Ramser. Ramser basically gets a cut as rent and location. So they’ve been there a loooooooooong time. I still remember making the long journey with other cousins, all the way from East marredpally to Ramser (hah) to buy half a plate of chicken 65.

We would then divide it among ourselves and end up with 2-3 pieces each. Dividing done, we would then consume them slowly, each bite tasting like heaven and everyone silently lost in their own thoughts.
After eating, we would regroup from different locations in the room to discuss the impact those morsels had on us that evening.

Okay, everything was true except the last sentence 😀


After the whole segment about old games, i thought of making a new segment which would talk about old cartoons.
Now, i know that there are so so many of them out there (i’m talking only about the good ol’ cartoons. Not the Ben10 shitfaced kinda shit). Here’s a very few of them i think we’ll remember 😀

Cartoon network is not, and will never be the same as the Cartoon Network we loved as kids.


Jonny Quest began in 1960s but the i’m pretty certain the Jonny Quest we all remember would be from “The real adventures of Jonny Quest” which came out in 1992.

The later Tv series involved Questworld which was the world they went into, and (i think) was one of the first times 3D animation used in cartoons.


hahahah loved this show! I think my favourite episode was the Drive in episode


 I think this pretty much sums up our childhood. These were completely forgotten until recently, where we randomly searched for one, started nostalgiating (lol). Then started watching another, and then another and then kept going and going till almost all were done. THANK YOU YOUTUBE

Such memories!

Mina and the Count

Yuckie Duck

One step beyond

The kitchen casanova


One of the BEST shows i’ve ever seen! Its even been nominated thrice for the Emmys (in the 90s)!

and of course, from BLAMMO!


Lets see if you can recall these

OKay moving on to random stuffs!

I’d been standing there for a while quite impatiently, waiting for my money. That’s when i noticed the sign telling me to wait patiently. So, all in all, the waiting had impatiently been worth it!


We were just playing Aoe and Cs at his office and suddenly i see something out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t make out exactly what it was…it looked like this to me :

So then i got up to take a closer look at the poor sucka 😀

Apparently, his doors aren’t lizardproofed…and we saw that lizards aren’t doorproof.

But don’t worry, he now has a laser sensor installed to make sure that these wondrous creatures don’t get caught in the hinges. Don’t forget to ask him about it!

The next three pics are dedicated to nihar. His kitty has had another litter and here’s a few pics of them.

THEY’RE UP FOR ADOPTION, BTW! Their fur patterns and colours are : BLACK, TIGERish and EXACTLYLIKEMOMMAish


For kitty owners!

if you want to see a realistic version of that :

I don’t think there’s a pet cat which didn’t do this!


or maybe not food related. HA!

okay THIS is food related. One of the best reviews i’ve ever seen!

14/14 people even found the review helpful.

Dedicated to Adnan’s swaggah!

How many of you can just SEE that happening with him?! I can. Hez lyk sew kewl ya.

I’ll end this post with a new addition to collection of hookahs!

I’ll be bok.


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